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Generally, eviction is a process that takes 2 to 3 weeks. After giving the appropriate notices, the landlord begins the eviction process by filing a petition in county court. The court sets a hearing date between 10 and 14 days after the petition is filed, and issues a summons to the tenant. The county sheriff serves the summons and petition on the tenant. The summons tells the tenant where and when to appear for the first hearing. At the first hearing, the judge will determine whether the tenant will be removed from the rental unit or not. If the judge decides the tenant should be removed, the sheriff will go to the rental unit to remove the tenant within 10 days of the hearing. If the landlord is also asking for unpaid rent or money to pay for damages to the rental unit, the court will set another hearing date to decide what, if any, money the tenant still owes the landlord.

If you receive a summons, GO TO YOUR HEARINGS. If you do not go to your hearings, you will lose automatically. You should also talk to an attorney about your situation. If you qualify for Legal Aid of Nebraska’s services, contact them immediately to set up representation. Otherwise, contact a private attorney for representation.

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