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Tenants' Rights

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

If a tenant or household member is victim of an act of violence, a tenant may be released from a lease for the purpose of fleeing. In order to do so, the tenant or household member must either obtain a protective order against the perpetrator of the domestic violence or obtain certification confirming the domestic violence from a third party domestic violence organization. After obtaining one of these, the tenant needs to provide the documentation to the landlord along with a written notice stating the date the tenant wishes to be released from the lease, which has to be between 14 to 30 days from the date of the notification. The tenant still remains violable for rent in the month the lease is terminated. A tenant who is a perpetrator of the act of domestic violence cannot be released from the lease under this section.

Click here for a sample notice of Release of Lease Due to Domestic Violence

Nebraska Statute 76-1431.01



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