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Community Action Board of Directors

Community Action's fifteen-member Board of Directors has a tripartite structure, which is a requirement for all Community Action Agencies nationwide.

One-third of the members of the board are elected public officials currently holding office or appointed by officials holding office; one-third are from the private sector, which includes representatives of business, industry, labor, and other major groups and interests in the community; and one-third are elected to represent the low-income population in Lancaster and Saunders Counties. Low-income individuals, community organizations, religious organizations or representatives of low-income individuals may petition the Board of Directors for adequate representation.

Contact Heather Loughman to learn more about this process.

2023 Governance Committee

  • President

    Lisa Hale

  • Vice President

    Brodey Weber

  • Treasurer

    Grant Buckley

  • Secretary

    Lorene Bartos

2023 Members

  • Tiffany Back

  • Janet Chung

  • Tanya Encalada Cruz

  • Carl Eskridge

  • Ana Jelavic

  • Amy Jensen

  • Scott Larson

  • Michelle Libal

  • David Lux

  • Christine Marvin

  • Jaylen Vella

Petition for Adequate Representation on the Board of Directors

Eligible entities may petition for adequate representation on the Community Action Board of Directors if a low-income individual, community organization, religious organization, or representative of low-income individuals feels under-represented on the board. 

For more information about petition procedures, download and complete this form. 

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